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My deepest professional goal in life is to enable others to discover their own motivations for change and to find within themselves the ability to take responsibility for their thought life and thus find the power to take actions and thereby make dramatic and transformative changes in their lives.

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My name is Jesse Harley Steen, but everyone who knows me, calls me Harley. Therapy with me is based on a genuine, authentic connection. I believe the most powerful transformations happen in the context of an empathic, attuned relationship. It is through the therapeutic relationship that we find the power to change, to heal, and to grow.
The possibility for change is within all of us. I know this first hand, and have witnessed countless others reach out and step into new ways of being, interacting, and engaging.
For some, therapy is about exploring what it means to be you, and how to thrive in your relationships, your community, family, or career. For others, it’s a necessary opportunity to process loss, grief, and transition. At times, therapy is a place to sit with difficult decisions and contemplate change. In all of these cases, I am with you and I hear you, exactly where you are.

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