J. Harley Steen, MA, LPC
Psychotherapist & Couples Counselor


Individual Counseling

What I offer is an authentic, compassionate, and engaged therapeutic relationship to those seeking to invest in themselves the time and effort needed to create the experience in life they want. Whether you are an individual who is seeking one on one counseling, or you are a couple seeking to restore or build towards a togetherness that is more attuned and cohesive, I am here for you should you wish to make commitment to your growth.


Couples Therapy

One of my specialties is working with couples to form a vision of the type of relationship they wish to have. I work with couples to create and have access to new proactive tools that will create a new, truly loving, attuned, accepting, and allowing relationship they desire.

Office 3

Mindfulness-based Group Psychotherapy

Group therapy is a dynamic way to increase your ability to relate to others more effectively and form authentic and meaningful bonds with others. Group therapy is a safe environment in which to explore emotions and gain skills that will impact all of your relationships. Goals of group therapy include helping members to improve social skills like emotional awareness, safely expressing frustration and anger, setting boundaries, seeking connection, receiving love and affection, and developing the ability to generate empathy toward self and others.


DEEP Skills Certification (Dynamic Experiential Enriched Psychotherapy) with Candyce Ossefort-Russel

PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) with Stan Tatkin - Level 1 Certification

Gottman (Couples Therapy)  - Level I & II Completed

Relational Life Therapy  (Couples Therapy)  - Level I completed

Minding The Heart with Tori Olds Phd.

Brains in Session & Tracking Neural Networks with Juliane Taylor Shore LPC S, LMFT S


             Due to COVID, all appointments are now available via telehealth. I have resumed in person appointments for clients who are vaccinated.


Harley Steen, MA Licensed Professional Counselor